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Car Hire Kozani - Veria, Greece

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Kozani - Veria, Greece
Kozani, is the largest city in Western Macedonia but also the capital of the homonymous regional unity. In Kozani you will find many sights that will remind you of the history of the city and its rich culture. Built between three mountain ranges (Vermio, Bourinos and Pieria), it will enchant you with the idyllic scenery and its exuberant natural beauty! Visit Kozani by train, KTEL or airplane. Your landing will take place at Kozani Train Station, Kozani Bus Station or Philippos Airport in Kozani, depending on how you prefer to travel. Car rental from Triumph Car Hire Kozani and the delivery of your vehicle can be done immediately to the point where it will reach your preferred medium. With Triumph Car Hire Kozani Car Hire, you also have the option of picking up your favorite car directly at the accommodation you have planned to spend your holiday. Start a stroll through the city's main pedestrian street, starting from the bell tower. Admire the post-Byzantine church of Agios Nikolaos with its famous bell tower, in the most popular square of Kozani, the historic Victory Square. Cafes, restaurants, shopping, bars, pubs, clubs, Kozani is a bustling city! The best time to confirm it for yourself is Halloween. The "lights" light up in every neighborhood and an endless feast begins, with traditional dishes and plenty of wine! Do not miss to visit the pride of Kozani, the Kovedarios Library. It is the richest library in titles and rare books after Ethniki, and gives its lights for four centuries all over Greece! Visit the historic town of Servia, 7th Century, with the Triumph Car Hire car rental. A few kilometers outside of Kozani, wild natural beauty landscapes await you, with the most impressive example of Hounes' imposing human rocks and the rushing torrents! It is worth mentioning that the city was founded by the emperor of Byzantium Heraklion and in the 9th century it was an important center of the wider region! About 28 kilometers north of Kozani, you will meet the second largest city of Western Macedonia, Ptolemaida. Go to Ptolemais with the rental car of Triumph Car Hire, the real energy city of Greece, due to the rich lignite deposits. Explore the wonderful Ptolemaida with dozens of shops in its center and many attractions including two museums (paleontological and historical-folkloric) and the preserved stone aqueduct, a work completed in 1928. Veria is located in central Macedonia and is the capital of the prefecture of Imathia. Built on the verdant slopes of Vermio and having its eternal companionship of the Aliakmonas River, it is endowed with unparalleled natural beauty! Arrive at Veria with KTEL, at the Veria bus station or by train, at the Veria Railway Station. Wander around the city with car rental from Triumph Car Hire Veroia! Veria today is a modern city but, at the same time, has preserved its traditional character. Discover the beautiful center of Veria as well as the picturesque districts. The Jewish Barbuta, with the mansion houses and the Synagogue building, as well as the Christian Kyriotissa, the Byzantine churches and its narrow cobbled streets, will surely impress you! Take the comfortable and safe car rental of Triumph Car Hire Veroia and visit, at a short distance from Veria, the "royal" Vergina. In the place of ancient Aegai, the outstanding archaeologist Manolis Andronikos discovered the ancient tomb of King Philip II. Admire the Royal tombs and exhibits from all over Macedonia's history in the modern underground museum of Vergina! Visit a few kilometers northwest of Veria, Heraklio Naoussa, with a car rental from Triumph Car Hire Veroia. Naoussa is one of the most famous winter destinations, highlighting the value of winter holidays! Ski to Seli ski resort and if you are really good skiers, try the biggest and hardest track in the Three Pente Pigadia Ski Resort. The Agios Nikolaos grove separates Naoussa in the middle and gives its own unique beauty to the natural landscape that prevails! Drive to the cities of Kozani, Veria and all the nearby car rental locations of Triumph Car Hire, and spend unforgettable holidays!

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